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How Screena works

노트북 및 펜

💬 There's power in stories

Every morning, team Screena starts the day with a coffee meeting. Sharing today’s To-do lists, talking about the latest content, recommending restaurants, discussing new outfits, and more.

They might seem like small insignificant things, but we believe that when we listen to each other and stay in step, we become a better Screena.


🤝 English name

We call each other by our

English names and do not add

"sir" to our names.

We show mutual respect and

treat each other as equals.

러너 육상

👊 Challenge, again!

We fail, but we try again.

 Instead of taking responsibility

for our failures,

we do a retrospective and

learn to build on them

and try again.

노트북 책상

💪 Proactive at work

We work with a high lever of autonomy.

Everyone identifies problems,

sets goals, and solves them on their own.

Finding growth points along the way

and build a better "me" every day.


💬 Respect

We respect and listen to all opinions.

Anyone can suggest an idea

or raise an issue.

Contribute to the change and

growth of Screena through

open communication.

동료 계획 작업

🏃‍♂️ Work together

Aim for a fast 80% rather than

a perfect 100%.​

Of course, no service is perfect.

We never work 'alone',

We think together,

communicate together

to get things done.


전자 장치

💻 Support

Whether it's books, courses,

or work tools, we don't hesitate to

provide whatever support

you need to create better results.

초콜릿 캔디

🍪 Free coffee&cookies!

We're always stocked with

your favorite snacks, coffee,

and tea to keep you focused.

해변 휴가

🏖️  Unlimited Paid Time Off

Watch party days, lunch party,

unlimited paid time off!

We're creating a healthy work environment for everyone.

감싸 인 선물

🎁 Holiday presents

Have a rich and warm holiday

with your family :)
We're sending holiday gifts

to all of our to all members.

재택 근무

🏡 Remote work

We support self-directed work.

We work remotely 3days a week

and offer a flexible work schedule.

Life at Screena

홈파티 음식이 차려진 모습

☺️ We all love party!

코리아블록체인위크 '이상한 변호사 우영우' 부스 사진

🐳 Korea blockchain week

스크리나 팀원들의 단체사진

🍺 Say cheeeeese

필리핀 블록체인 위크 스크리나 부스 사진

🇵🇭 Philippine blockchain week

부산국제영화제 제27회 현장사진

😎 BIFF 2022!

태국 블록체인 행사 현장모습

🇹🇭 Thai blockchain NFT Show

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