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2023.08.07 Watchalong timer update!

Hi, it's Screena 🙂

The watchalong timer widget has gotten a makeover!

Let's see what we've added!



✅ OTT Display

When a watchalong starts airing,

the comments section is always filled with comments like :

  • Where can I see this movie?

  • Should I rent it?

  • How much is it?

Choose OTT screen

Now, let your viewers know with ease!

Select the OTT where your content is available.

It will be reflected on the timer immediately.

OTT display screen

Let your fans know which platforms they can watch your content on.

Reset the list whenever your watchalong content changes!


✅ Announcement feature

"I'll be back in 10 minutes!"


When you're away and want to make an important comment,

type an announcement and

make it pop up on the broadcast screen.

OBS screen

**Beware, however, that longer announcements

may exceed the browser source size and display poorly.

If your announcement looks truncated,

be sure to change the source size!

enjoy your watchparty :)

Watchalong timer download


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