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[Notice] OTT Update 2023.08.31

OTT update

Hello, this is Screena :)

New OTT update and bug patch news!

Japan OTT Update

  • AbemaTV

  • U-NEXT

  • Tver

We've been getting a lot of requests from Japanese users lately,

we've added various Japanese local OTTs

Screena is going even more global!

Stay tuned for the next OTT update.

Other updates

We've also been working on other updates, both big and small updates !

1. OTT code name change

타이머 위젯 이미지

動畫瘋 was showing up as Gamer in watch parties and timers!

We've changed the codenames of each OTT, including 動畫瘋,

to match the local language.

2. Timer : Maximum display time limit for live broadcasts

If you use a timer to watch live broadcasts,

Since live broadcasts do not have a specific running time

So it was inevitable that it would be displayed for a long time like this

25389:49:23 on the broadcast screen !

(Also, because of this long time display, the timer setting deck

screen crashes due to this long time display)

From now on we will limit the MAX timecode to 99:59:59 to prevent

there is no screen cracking

영화관 이미지

If you had any inconvenience You can always contact us by clicking the button on the right side of the website. We hope you enjoy the new OTT!


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