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Oshi no ko ep8 Twitch watchparty!

Poster for the popular Japanese anime 'Oshi no ko'
Oshi no ko poster (Google images)

There seems to be a lot of anime streams on Twitch these days.

Especially, 'Oshi no ko' and 'Demon Slayer' are being watched a lot these days!

I recently watched the hot anime "Oshi no ko" on Twitch Watch Party.

Twitch watch party Timer
Twitch watch party Timer

In the past, watch parties on Twitch have been a bit inconvenient to participate in. The streamer sets a timer and shouts out “one, two, three”,

and the viewers would have to hit play at the same time.

If its a movie, that's fine, because you can just let it run for a couple hours.

The problem was with the series.

Because all participants need to repeat this every time. (if he/she wants to move on to the next episode) It's very inconvenient because you have to sync it almost every 30 minutes.

Screena - Twitch watch party feature
Screena - Twitch watch party feature

Screena enables you to watch Twitch broadcasts and watch content at the same time. (launched watch parties for Twitch few days ago!) There are no copyright issues because you're using your own paid account to watch! We don't share the streamer's screen, only share the playback location.

Twitch watchparty link on twitch chat
Twitch watchparty link on twitch chat

Look for the Watch Party link in the Twitch chat. Click on the link to enter, and your screen layout will automatically change: content on the left, Twitch on the right! How cool is that? Now you can legally watch a movie while listening to the streamer's commentary.

Oshi no ko ep8 preview / google image
Oshi no ko ep8 preview / google image

I watched episode 8 of ‘Oshi no ko’.

Halfway through, I was surprised to see a scene that made me go 'huh',

and the streamer was screaming "What!" at the same time!

It felt like we were in a movie theater together,

even though we were so far away :)

are you still counting numbers for sync?

No need to hit play at the same time!

Enjoy Twitch watchparty via Screena, easy to use!



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