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Twitch Watch Party Production Diary 2: User Reactions

Hello, Screena here!

We're going to be writing about the Twitch Watch Party feature that Screena developed!

I'll share the why, how, and what trials and errors Screena went through to create the Twitch Watch Party feature.

Promote to Twitch users

Now that we've created our timer,

we need to promote it to Twitch users.

But... how?

It was a quick turnaround from idea to product,

we hadn't had time to get to know Twitch yet....^^;;

we posted a promote on Korean twitch community
we posted a promote on Korean twitch community

I started by posting on TGD, a community of Twitch users.

It didn't solve all of the viewers' problems,

but I hope it will make the Twitch watchparty easier and more enjoyable in the future.

We hope to fulfill Screena's vision of 'enjoying watching together'!

Timer reviews

We didn't have time to do any social media advertising

or promotion right after launch.

But thankfully, on the first day of launch,

someone used the timer on the first day!

people are talking on slack channel.
We were shocked...

When I was lying in bed watching Twitch and stumbled upon our service…

(I actually rolled out of bed...)

Since then, many people have used it :)

Especially, many people ‘reused’ it.

It was a very happy and exciting time!

Timer vs watchparty

Search result about 'Screena'
Search result about 'Screena'

But... over time, we noticed a bit of an anomaly.

We launched 'Timer', but 'Watch Party' started to gain traction.

The feature introduction for Watch Party started to go viral,

and more and more people started to use Watch Party instead of Timer.

Specifically, the week after we launched the timer...

our signup rate suddenly jumped 57% vertically from the previous week. (Heehee!)

Without any advertising or promotion!

So what's next...

Now that we've identified the need,

we need to get to work, right?

Next time, we'll talk about product advancement :)




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