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Twitch Watch Party Development Diary 4: Overseas Market Research 2

Hello, everyone! This is Screena. Today, I'll share the fourth part of the development diary for the "Twitch Watch Party" feature created by Screena. I'll explain why and how Screena developed the Twitch Watch Party feature, along with the challenges faced along the way.

If you're curious about the previous stories, check them out!

Tools for watchalong in Japan

As the market in Japan is much more active than in Korea, there are several tools available to facilitate watchalong. First, there's the Sync Timer! Actually, the Sync Timer doesn't retrieve content information or anything like that. It's simply a timer that measures time, but it's promoted as a "watchalong" The advantage is that you don't need to install anything. You can directly paste the site link into OBS, so many streamers use it for simultaneous viewing.

The second tool is the AdjusTimer! This one retrieves sync information for the content. It's quite similar to the Screena Timer that was initially launched. It supports Prime Video, Tver, YouTube, dAnime Store, Netflix, Niconico, and Twitch! With over a thousand downloads, it seems to be widely used.

Lastly, there's D-Party! D-Party is a watch party service where you can enjoy content from dAnime Store together. With over three thousand downloads, it definitely feels like this market is showing some strength.

Japan's whatchalong tool Adjust Timer & d-party

Japan's watchalong tool Adjust Timer & d-party

Tools for watchalong in Taiwan

Taiwan also had a watchalong timer widget, but it had less than 200 users...! Since the simultaneous viewing culture is well-established, so there may be timers with higher usage. However, I couldn't find any timers that retrieve sync information for the content. It seems like they mainly use simple timers that measure time!

 Taiwan Yahoo's "sync timer" search

Taiwan Yahoo's "sync timer" search

If we continue to promote it in Taiwan, more people will surely start using Twitch Watch Party, right?

In the next session, I'll come with the laughable story of internal testing of Team Screena before the beta version was launched!




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