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  • Timer is not working!
    Did you select a new OTT channel? All OTTs need to be authorized for the timer to run (one time only), so please make sure you're authorized! Did you select the OTT again in a new tab? Right-click to restart the timer! If none of the above applies, please contact us for a 1:1 chat.
  • I want to remove custom timer design.
    1. double-click the timer in the source list. 2. delete the long code starting with &customStyle= in the URL field. 3. click OK to restore the default timer.
  • How do I end the timer?
    If you press the close button, a mini-popup will enter the 'collapsed' state. If you want to shut down completely, please close the OTT tab!
  • The timer doesn't look right on the screen
    The timer is set to a default size of 800*600. - If you have a long announcement or - if you select a lot of OTT options content may be truncated. Double-click the 'Timer' source in the source list, and adjust the width and height sizes to fit your needs.
  • How do I receive the Moments after watching it all?
    Click 'Check progress in the chat to see if the condition has been met! The moment will be automatically generated as an image first, which you can view on your My Page.
  • Where can I check the Moments I received?
    You can check it on My Page - moments complete tab, You can check the purchased SBT on Opensea by clicking on it.
  • Even though I have points, I keep getting failed purchases!
    During periods of high transaction volume on the Polygon network, connectivity may be temporarily unstable. Please give yourself enough time to try to repurchase. If you are still unable to purchase, please contact us via 1:1 chat. *Points due to unsuccessful purchases will be refunded immediately.
  • I want to receive Moments as SBT, how do I do that?
    You can also collect points in the form of SBT by paying points. Please make sure to link your Metamask NFT wallet.
  • It says I failed to enter the room!
    If the link becomes expire because it has been created a long time ago, or the network environment is unstable or if the user is kicked out of the room, this notification may appear. and... Using Watch Party on Safari and other browser might cause an issue, we recommend using the Chrome browser.
  • I banned a friend on accident!
    Banned users are permanently blocked from entering that party room. If you want to invite the banned user again, please create a new watch party room and invite them!
  • How to end a watch party?
    There is no separate exit button, just press the close button. If the person who has the remote leaves the party while content is playing, the content will continue to play, but will no longer be synced. 24 hours after the party room is created, the room host and participants will not be able to enter it anymore.
  • It seems out of sync!
    A difference of 1 to 2 seconds is not unusual. However, if the content is out of sync for more than 3 seconds, please try closing all open windows and playing the content again. If the chat window is closed, the sync can’t function. Please keep the chat window open.
  • I accidentally turned off the chat window!
    You can regain host access by re-entering the invitation link you shared with your friends.
  • Can I watch paid rental/purchased items together?
    Watch Party is available when both the host and participant have purchased the content.
  • Isn't it screensharing? Isn't it illegal?
    Watch Party is not screensharing. Streamers only share sync positions such as 'play', 'pause', and 'skip'. The streamer's settings- such as volume, subtitle language, and audio dubbing, are not shared.
  • Can I watch with friends in other countries?
    Yes! Users in separate countries may use Screena together as long as they have access to the same streaming content. Streaming services manage their own rights for shows and movies across different countries, which Screena has no control over.
  • How to delete my account?
    First, log in with your accounts. Click the 'profile' image Go to ‘Basic information’ tab Click 'Delete Screena account' button to delete.
  • Watchparty mobile version
    Screena mobile is currently on Beta version and only chat function is available. After entering the party room on mobile, click the content name at the top to check the current play time. Play the video directly by adjusting the playback position with your tablet or TV. Note: currently you cannot create a room with the mobile beta version.
  • Chat is weird like Google Translate!
    If the language translation function of the Chrome browser is set to automatic, all text can be automatically translated. When the pop-up appears, click [Do not translate this site]!
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